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Setting the Context

We know Covid-19 has impacted many communities, particularly communities of color. Covid-19 has exacerbated the inequities our people have faced for years; it has shown the brokenness of government and healthcare systems. These institutions often fail our communities of color.

The news has highlighted that Pacific Islanders have experienced the highest rates of infection in Oregon, Washington, Utah, California and other locations in the U.S. Within the PI context, we can see high numbers within Micronesian communities. Most of our data is collected through our relationships and through informal channels throughout the United States; this is likely not a comprehensive list of all diagnosed cases.  We are better able to reach our community than any public health authority. That will be part of our role of this Task Force.

We want to track how many people are infected, as well as where our community members are located. We have some unconfirmed reports of closer to 100 cases. Our process to collect this is that the Consulate/Embassy hears of a case, then we reach out to a community leader to confirm. We are still confirming some of the reports. This data, though, is what we have confirmed:

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