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Wearing facemasks is something that is fairly new to many of us, but it is a practice that we must get used to.

Some of us have not accepted the seriousness of this virus, some of us might not understand the importance of wearing a mask, some of us have been mocked for using a mask and some of us are sensitive to wearing masks to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.

Dearest families and friends, our culture has instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in us to protect our loved ones and one another. Let this be one of those times. Let us put our facemasks on with pride as a symbol of our responsibility to one another.

We humbly challenge ALL OF US MICRONESIANS to promote this message by taking pictures with our facemasks to show how we have incorporated it in our everyday life, post it on social media with this hashtag: #Micronesians4masks

Ei éúréúr ren ach sipwe masamas (mask) ew mettóch mei minafé ngeni kich meinisin, nge mei aúchea ach sipwe féri iká ar ngeni kich nón ei atun.

Ekkóch me neich sise mochen etiwa pwe mei watte ei semwen, ekkóch me neich sisapw weweiti aúchean me namwotan ach sipwe masamas (mask), ekkóch me neich a fen wor chóón takiri iká amengawa kich ren ach masamas, me ekkóch me neich kich mei mefi menin ach sipwe masamas pwe sise mochen angawa netipan ekkóch.

Achengicheng Famini (Iinéúpwiinéú) fiti chiechiach, ach éréni mei áiti ngeni kich ach sipwe pwapwaesásini wisach ach sipwe túmwúnú atongeach kewe me túmwúnú fengeni kich. Sipwe tingor pwe epwe iei pwan ew ach fansoun: ach sipwe pachetá mesach kewe (mask) non ach pwapwaesásini ei féffér pwe epwe iei esisinan wiisach ngeni emén me emén.

Sipwe pwan tingor fiti súfón me menin, ngeni meinisin kich CHÓÓN MICRONESIA, ach sipwe épéchékúna ei aúchean esinesin iká éúréúr, nón ach fichi sipwe eché sasingich me mesach ewe, pachetá won social media fiti fengen me en hashtag ika itenap epwe fiti: #Micronesians4masks



from the HUT

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