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Thanks to the Pacific Islander Community of Washington (PICAWA), the First Chuukese Washington Women Association, and CANN-WA

Masks, Food and Sanitizers for Micronesian Families

My Son Calson, Yapese/Chuukese and Sadie from the Marshall Islands continue to serve our Pasifika communities here in Auburn, Washington showing off sanitizers being distributed to our folks.


Good morning from your servant and my buddies in my pond, the KOI fishes. I hope this post reaches you and yours in good health and safe from this terrible disease, the COVID19, that's hitting our communities very hard. I will do my best to include tips and ideas of protecting yourself, your family and your community.

I had written a couple of blogs from the state of Washington, specifically from the Larger Seattle Area and I had neglected to introduce myself to our community. I think I owe you that much. 

Well, my name is Cal, living in the middle of the Larger Seattle Area. I came from the tiny island of Ifalik in the state of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia and have been in the US since 2000. Moved in 2009 to Seattle from my favorite state of Oregon and have been here since. I am an Oregon State Beaver fanatic and a die hard PatriHawks (aka Patriots & Seahawks fans). I love the greenery of the Pacific Northwest and especially because it connects directly to the Pasifik Islands. “The seas bring us together, they do not separate us.” FSM Preamble. I feel right at home!

Ok, that was easy to do. 

Now, let’s get down to business. The Pacific Islander Community of Washington (PICAWA) is leading our movement here in terms of our outreach to Pasifika communities, especially helping setup COVID19 Test sites and distributing foods. I am happy to announce to our FSM community, that PICAWA had secured another food distribution site. This one is in Everett, WA in the county of Snohomish. For hours and locations, please check out the Washington FSM Residents Resource page of this website. Today, we will be handing out food boxes to our communities starting at 11:30 AM in our Kent, WA location and 12PM at our Everett, WA distribution site. FSMers are encouraged to come out and get food.

I would also remind you again of the COVID19 Test coming up tomorrow at the Federal Way High School. Many of our brothers and sisters will be there directing traffic and manning our PICAWA booth (the first one you’ll come across on your drive in). Please come in early as experience tells me, these sites filled up pretty quickly and at times sites have to close down due to high demand.

For our brothers and sisters in Spokane, Washington and the outlying areas, please reach out to me. There are resources available to our community out there that you may want to take advantage of and I can help lead you there.

Our sisters and brothers in the Vancouver, Washington area, we had secured 2,400 cloth masks and 48 family size boxes of disposable ones. Our sisters Layla and Monessa are working on setting up distribution sites and will let you all know as soon as I get a confirmation from them. We are continually looking for more resources to direct them to our folks in that part of the state. Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions and/or comments. 

Yesterday, my son and I were able to pick up 1 case containing 500 cloth masks, 12 smaller boxes of disposable masks and 12 hand sanitizers, thanks to Mr. David Anitok, of the CANN-WA organization. Our sister Triple of Chuuk state will take the 1 case to be distributed to our church organizations and I will take the disposable ones to our Yapese families in the surrounding areas. I am urging my Yapese families to please reach out to me. 

These are the things happening here in our neck of the woods that I am happy to share with you. 

Please share our website to family and friends as we try to be a ONE STOP RESOURCE CENTER for our community.

My colleagues on this taskforce and I will do our best to come share what resources are available in our respective community so you can take advantage of them.

With lots of respect and humility,

your servant I remain. 

Things you can do to help protect yourself and your family

Staying Home

Staying home is still the safest

Wear Mask

If you must go out into the Public, please wear your favorite Mask. We are continually looking for Mask Supplies and we had given away over 5,000 so far. Reach out to us!

Share your Love

Show your LOVE by sharing and staying away from each other. Share on social media and converse via phones. Share that you're social distancing because you care. Share that you stay apart because it's the protection we have. Share that you're staying away for the LOVE of family. Share. Share. Share. Share. LOVE!


Know the facts

COVID19 is highly contagious. Wearing a mask does not deprive you of oxygen or fill up your body with Carbon Dioxide. Doctors wear them for hours to do operations. Wearing a mask is not so much to protect yourself but to protect others from you. WEAR A MASK! IT'S A MANDATE TO DO IN PUBLIC, IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON.

Ritae and Triple with their helpers of the FCWWA

What's inspiring this morning...


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