Frequently Asked Questions​

I can tell you everything about your FSM Taskforce USA

Tarseny Aphkas, Volunteer Member of the Taskforce

what is the FSM (Federated states of Micronesia)?

The current president of the Federated States of Micronesia, his excellency, David Panuelo of Pohnpei state can tell you a little bit here in this clip. In addition, he's thanking friends and supporters of the FSM and as volunteers and citizens, I would like to extend that too. I will let him say a thing or two about the FSM and its formation.

What is the FSM Taskforce USA?

Let me start by saying that the task-force is an epitome of SOLIDARITY, LOVE, AND CARING for people and community. It is a group of VOLUNTEER FSMers (People of the Federated State of Micronesia) and friends coming together to share valuable information on resources and programs that can be used to address the needs of our communities, especially during the pandemic. Please click the TITLE/QUESTION to learn more about us.

Is membership open to anyone?

*answer is forthcoming.

where are the members from?

*answer is forthcoming.

Some cool tips to help you and yours stay safe.


Stay Home

It is still the safest to stay home and if sick, isolate yourself from the rest of the family, get tested and keep isolating yourself until the test result comes back.


wear a face covering

Everyone should wear face covering when out in public and where social distancing is not practical.


Wash hands frequently

Wash hands often and don't touch your face or nose. Use safe sanitizers if water is not available.


Stay Up to date on your vaccinations

Contact your health provider to make sure your vaccinations or your kids vaccinations are up to date. This will help you stay protected from other diseases and viruses.


Stay Informed

Stay tuned to local official information to know the latest and follow the guidelines as they become available.


Show you're love by staying away from each other and stay connected on social media or by calling each other.



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