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Free Masks Distribution



Free Masks

Kose mochen share ach ei address ika neni pun ach famini meinisin non Vancouver repwe eto angang ar masks? Kinisou chapur ngonuk ren om aninis.

Kinisou chapur

Akaewin, kinisou chapur ngeni fefinach ika nouch kewe, Monessa me Layla ren ar awora tingor fan iten ach famini mi nonom non Clark county ika city of Vancouver ina mine sia chiechi ngeni ach kei organization non King County ren ach kei aninis.

Kinisou chapur PICAWA and FCWWA

Kinisou, Kallahngan, Kulo and Kammagar ngeni pwiich me fefinach kewe non Pacific Islander Community of Washington (PICAWA) pwan tori achuwe First Chuukese Washington Women Association (FCWWA) for sharing and responding to the call out of Vancouver, Washington.

It is a collaborative efforts of so many individuals and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of them. First, I want to extend my sincere KINISOU, KALLAHNGANG, KULO and KAMAGGAR to the PICAWA Executive Director, Mr. Joseph Seia for his time and effort in getting all the supplies to us and for leading the logistics. Second, to our sisters in the First Chuukese Washington Women Association, Ritae and Tripple (President and V. President)for sharing their resources for our communities in Vancouver.

Last but not the least, our very own, the FSM Taskforce USA, for giving us the SPACE to reach each other and especially for the networking it allows us to engage in.

At the bottom of this page are links to each organization's website. Please take your time to learn of each organization and hopefully get yourself involved in their community outreach programs.

We are constantly looking for ways to bring resources and help to our Pasifika communities everywhere in Washington state, so please stay tuned. It is very important that you visit the SURVEY PAGE and go on to fill it out. The survey will enable us to know where to direct information and resources.

From left, Joseph (PICAWA) Executive Director, handing off boxes of masks to Layla and Cal

Special Shoutout

Just wanted to give a special shoutout to sister Layla and brother Joseph for meeting up at my house to hammer out the logistics of getting all the supplies down to Vancouver. I think we are ready to rock and roll. Inviting all of our Pasifika brothers and sisters to come out and get FREE MASKS for yourself and your family. We will be handing them out on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Once the supplies are gone, they are gone :). Again, please subscribe or keep checking back on this website to get the latest updates.

The Organizers



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